A Yard Apart

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                                                                  All you have is your fire;

                                                          And the place you need to reach;

                                                         Dont you ever tame your demons,

                                                            But always keep em on a leash.

A few lines from Arsonists Lullabye by Hozier, one of my favorite music artists. With a voice that can melt stone and words that lend voice to your emotion, his songs are always on repeat on my playlist.

 But no, Im not looking to rant on about my favorite kind of songs. Its the lyrics to this one song that got me all riled up and thinking. A million thought sequences ignited in my otherwise sedentary mind. Those sentences, in particular, holding special significance and meaning.

People around you are always asking you to become the best version of yourself. Its not a single voice that points out your flaws, no, it the united clamor of what we call society. This version of you that everybody keeps talking about so much, what is it really?

Perfection asks that you separate soul and passion for oblivious surrender to reality. It asks you to subtract all those little quirks that make you who you are. Would you give it all up, the little things that separate you from the millions of other men that surround you, for a chance to be accepted?

Yes, you get to be greedy, you get to have ambition. Yes, you get to be a glutton, indulge in excess to pleasure your senses every once in a while. Yes, you get to be angry. To fuel your rage into art that defines your existence.

Justify your presence in this vast universe with all those things that set you apart. Channel them into little miracles that carve you a pedestal among the bustling masses around you that queue up to mold themselves into the perfect.


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