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With the tech industry growing and evolving at a fast pace, we talk about the latest trends in the tech world that will dominate the industry and leave you for asking more. If you want to know what we are talking about keep on reading further.

4 famous tech trends:

 Virtual Reality

While now its mostly used for games, soon VR will change how we communicate, study, work and shop. Instead of calling a loved one over Skype, you will meet them in virtual reality. Kids will learn baseball by swinging a virtual bat. Before buying a couch, youll be able to see how it looks in your virtual living room. Eventually, everything people do now on the internet will happen in VR.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has already begun to enter consumer life, and I expect it to have a dramatic impact over the next few years. The most exciting application of AI for consumers is Amazons Echo Alexa-enabled hands-free speaker that plays music, provides information, news, sports scores, weather, and more instantly. It is insanely smart and keeps getting smarter as you.

Machine Learning.

Machine learning has taken some massive strides forward in the past few years, even emerging to assist and enhance Googles core search engine algorithm. But again, weve only seen it in a limited range of applications.


Marketers will be (mostly) pleased to learn that automation will become a bigger mainstay in and throughout 2017, with advanced technology enabling the automation of previously human-exclusive tasks. Weve had robotic journalists in circulation for a couple of years now.


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