Forget the traditional approach

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These days fitness industry is becoming a new trend. People are inclining more towards fitness and health. Everyone wants to look healthy and wants to have a toned body. In order do so, they often adopt some unreasonable approach. Here are some of the myths about weight loss.

Small meals helps you to reduce wait: – People usually say more meals frequency increases your metabolism and eventually helps you to reduce your weight. But it is one of the outdated approach. Studies reveal that there is no such correlation between no. of meals eaten in a day and your metabolism. So if we take an example and compare eating 6 small meals a day and 3 large meals a day has no significant difference.

Exercise alone can help you reduce weight: – Exercising is very important for an individual for several reasons such as better blood flow, improved immunity, gaining lean muscles, heart health and variety of other reasons. Exercise is important, but it is not a crucial component for weight loss. Those who follow exercise with diet and those who only follow diet has same results in terms of weight loss. It doesnt mean that we should skip exercise, the point here being is we should give more credits to our diet and we should focus on what we are eating for weight loss plus exercise for better health.

Crunching an only option to get six pack abs: – It is said that you already have great abs hidden beneath your skin which need to be revealed. But if you think crunching is the only solution to getting those sizzling abs, you are absolutely wrong. Focus should be put more on what we are eating. 80% credit goes to dieting and 20% credit goes to workout for getting those six pack abs.

Fat makes you fat: – Diets high in fats helps in reducing weight. Even in some cases, saturated fat is also recommended in some case. Fat and occasional saturated fat in your diet is absolutely healthy. Apart from this dark chocolate, coconut oils and olive oils are perfectly healthy for consumption.

Lose weight slowly: – A slow weight loss in usually recommended rather than a rapid weight loss. A rapid weight loss is usually related to unhealthy approach. This process often leaves a layer of loose skin over your body. In a normal weight loss process greatest weight loss in witnessed in first 2 weeks, than greater weight loss in the next year. For a weight loss, stricter diet works better. Use an aggressive diet. Losing jus more than 2 pounds a week is okay.


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