Smile up people

  A smile is an expression of happiness, joy and excitement. People want to stay happy and prosper and a little smile is the key. A smile holds an importance in everyones life that people have no idea about it.

In terms of health, a smile is worth a lot more. Smiling fights stress. So if you are tired, burn out just a smile. People may not know, but even if it is fake, it releases endorphins, known as happy hormones. Endorphins tends to make you stress free. Smile reduces your blood pressure. A smile uses 53 facial muscle, so it is an exercise. Moreover smile strengthens your immune system and prevents colds

Fun fact! Smile means no inequality. Even a blind or a newborn can smile without picking that up from their surroundings.

 And of course smiling makes you look pretty. This is why it is said that smiling is an inexpensive way to change your look. According to statistics 69% of people find women who smile more attractive than women who wear a lot of makeup. Smile is also the first facial expression that comes out of reflex. A smile can become a medium of expression. 19 different types of smile exists, so we can express ourselves in 19 different ways

 Smile is a career ladder. If you want to be successful this is definitely your cue, because employees tend to promote people who smile more often than those who dont. If I quote, smile is the best natural way to stimulate a glow on your face. Its definitely true if I say, that you have no idea who is going to fall in love with your smile. Even if it is the slightest reason, never miss it! After all your smile is worth a MILLION-DOLLAR.

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