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Children of the wild. Here, ones romantic inclination leads them to images of tanned, long-haired little humans swinging on vines and communicating with birds. Sharp clever eyes as well as great physical development, vaguely ape-like maybe. Of course, growing up with tales of amusing little Mowgli and comic books with Tarzan does help shape the imagination to believe that being raised in the wild is nothing short of a fun adventurous cruise through the jungles.

Feral children, children who have lost the touch of human contact long enough to assume behaviors that significantly diverge from that of socially raised humans. Those that have been reclaimed from their homes in the wild or from enclosures have shown strong reluctance to cope with societal norms. Language skills, logic and proper posture coming back to them harder than for others, if at all.

Recorded cases of abandoned infants raised by monkeys, dogs, and even wolves, give one a lot to think about. A whole bunch of legends have children raised by animals to grow up better equipped and going on to accomplish great things in life. Remus and Romulus, Enkidu and several others starring in stories that started off with animals taking time off their usual hunts to take care of bawling, pink-skinned creatures that dont much resemble their own. In real cases, Feral children are often those that have been victims of abuse, having run away from home, willfully abandoned or restrained from interacting with humans by their guardians. Those that have been discovered and brought back, have had to suffer greatly to regain normal composure. Most of them choose to run back to the wild where a heavy sense of unfamiliarity doesnt engulf them.

Ferals have been subject to several studies and documentations. The question of primitive intelligence, unhindered by the general mass does lead to a lot of answers as well as questions about the origins of the lives we currently lead. Nurture or nature debates rising high with arguments involving such information.


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