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11th January 1966

I was 10 years old that time

In those years a 10 years old child was an innocent child not much aware of things

In early morning of 11th January

We got a shocking news of death of our prime Minister shastri ji

With in minutes people started gathering and most of them were literally crying

I have not much idea about death to be honest

Seeing everyone crying I too started crying….one of teachers use to live nearby when she saw me crying she took me her home

She asked why are you crying

Maam shastri ji Marr gaye na

She held my both hands and asked me

You just saw shastri ji few weeks back 

Yes maam

What you liked in him the most

Maam he is so simple

Then she said some words which I couldnt understand but words got embedded in my heart and mind

She said when someone dies never cry adopt one of his/her quality in your life

That person will never die

I couldnt understand that time

But remembered the words

Few years later I was 16 that time I lost my uncle in an accident

Every one was crying except me

Suddenly those words became alive

Adopt one of his quality

I noticed my uncle was helpful to anyone who comes to him

So in heart of heart this feeling of helping others became my habbit

To me till today I follow it


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