Anger Management

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Anger is an emotion which is inevitable, being one of the primary emotions; it is experienced by all at different phases in life. But what can we do to stop or reduce the anger, because it damages a lot more than we can imagine. So these are ways of reducing anger-

STOP- just stop, no matter what you are doing just stop it, for the time being, be it completing a sentence or a move. Go blank and stop. Give yourself the time to analyze what is happening. It acts like a physical break on our emotions and gives us the space for more practical thinking. For example, if youre about to lash out at your child, just start clapping your hands and distract yourself from the source of anger.

Give yourself space- when you are angry the last thing you want to do is to be in the situation, so just elevate, it is not worth causing the internal damage. If you engage, you will get angrier and obviously, you cannot rationally think and solve a problem when you are angry. So why worsen the situation, just leave.

Breathe deeply- do yourself and favor and just breathe, concentrate on your breathing, take in slowly and release, breathing and having control over it is a form of meditating, it helps calm down your system. It reduces the adrenaline rush and helps you relax.

Analyze- see what caused the anger, try to understand what exactly happened, the cause, cure, prevention and analyzing should happen here. Try to understand why did the anger even triggered. Try to understand and find solutions. And avoid the same situation again.

Solve- once you figure out everything, just solve the problem, release the frustration and try not being there again.

Live healthily and spread positivity.


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