Here we all are, with our noses stuck in the most convenient electronic device at the moment. There are three other gadgets in proximity beeping away, begging for attention. Not that they ever suffered from a lack of it in the first place. Thats just how it is right now.

If ever, someone from a couple decades ago chanced to venture upon current society through some freak shift in space time, then wed have on our hands a human having a full-scale panic attack. Civilization currently looks like its constantly operating on a movie set for The Conquest of the Machines. The digitization happened so fast, we barely have time to fully comprehend the mass effect it has on the whole of our species. Yet we have adapted so well to the whole new atmosphere that the change seems almost inconsequential. The 90s kids, as they like to call themselves, do have the vaguest sense of the accelerating world around them. These guys were raised on nothing more digitally sophisticated than a fat television that constantly gave out static and now, in but the span of a few years, theyre tapping away at tiny tablets working at miraculous speeds.

One has to marvel at how well our kind has habilitated itself to what had only not so long ago been classified as science fiction. All adults do this thing where they give out a dreamy sigh and wish that the good old times when everything seemed so slow and simple returned to with its maternal embrace. Taken to their idea of utopia, these very people would beg to come back to this time when theres something on which they can watch adorable cat videos. It isnt hypocrisy really, just calming cloak we drape around ourselves to help us through the turns in life.

Is this the best of times to live in? For those that have spent time here, yes, it absolutely is.

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