Why we should accept that everything around us is temporary?

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On a daily basis we meet new people, we buy new stuffs, we make memories, experience new things, feelings, time, knowledge. All of these have to last at some point and begin with new, This includes even your own body. Isnt it? and you were expecting others to be permanent.

You must have memories of your childhood when you started writing with a pen, wore a suit for the first time, your friends from the elementary schools, your best friend of that time. You just recalled his/her name or you are still thinking who was it? If it is the latter dont worry it have to happen because we just cant change the nature of the world. which says everything which is created needs to be destroyed. Some cool engineers and science fellows must be thinking of energy. So if it is changing its form then the original one doesnt exists so its temporary too.

Many of us have lost our dear ones who once promised to be with us forever, it is sometimes funny and sad, I mean the loved ones who are dead and who left us for a reason or may be for no reason but believe me it is something that you just cant control, So why fear about it.

Personal life is not the only important thing that we should not accept to be permanent. Being temporary is equal to other aspects of life that includes your professional life too.

Often we want our loved things to be with us forever and when they leave, we are usually surprised and may be hurt as well? Why do we feel like that? Why didnt we expect that to happen? and We come up with a phrase that we didnt expect that this can happen. 

At the end of the day our life is more like a road trip only where we leave behind the places, people and material things and we cant continue ahead until we know that we have to leave the other behind and move on. None of them stays with us forever, And sometimes many dont last till the end. But probably they might have enjoyed the trip until their last point.

It doesnt mean we shouldnt value the people and things around us. But as I said Always expect the unexpected and Everything is temporary


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