Happy Birthday to the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner

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While some students fight for fewer assigned reading pages, others fight for their right to read. Education is not a given right in some places, which is a hard truth that young activist Malala Yousafzai is working to change. Today is Malalas 20th Birthday, Happy Birthday Malala and she is one of modern eras most compassionate leaders.

But today, she is using this opportunity to take a time off from her busy schedule advocating girls across the globe? And the humanitarian is spending her birthday in Iraq, meeting with young and old Iraqi, Kurdish, Yazidi and Christian girls.

After spending some time at the camp for internally displaced Iraqis, Malala took a few of the girls to an amusement park for some birthday fun. She might be the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize and one of the most prominent advocates for girls education on the planetbut shes down for a good time, too.

Today, 12th July is celebrated as the World Malala Day to help raise awareness for girls right to a proper education, and a reminder for all of us to speak up in support and protection of this right. Each year, Malala speaks to thousands of people around the world, asking them to educate young girls so that knowledge can be used to fight oppression and ignorance. 

Happy birthday, Malala! Thank you for all that you do!


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