Is Khamriin Khiid the place with strongest spiritual energy?

The Mongolian Buddhists claims that it is in the spot located in the middle of the Gobi desert where the strongest spiritual energy in the whole world congregates. The monastery complex, Khamriin Khiid, was built there in order to locate the position in the 19th century.

Danzanravjaa, also known as the Terrible Noble Saint of the Gobi, was the first to observe the tremendous energy at the location. He thus found the original Khamriin Khiid monastery in 1820. There were around 80 temples contained by the complex that lodged up to 500 monks.

Unfortunately, this lively and productive monastery was destroyed in 1937 on account of the eradication of religions by the Communists. The Khamriin Khiid was reconstructed in 1990 and finally arrived into its current form. Today, the monastery attracts pilgrims from across the world and a large number of believers visit the place every day at dawn to profit from the divine energy that is said to radiate as each day is born new. The monastery is indeed fascinating for the astounding story behind it.

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