The Impostor Syndrome

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We all like the feeling of being successful, dont we? Of course, we had put in our blood, sweat and tears into achieving it so we deserve to feel the pleasure it brings along! Now let us focus on something which comes after achieving success, alright? Something like the feeling of fear! Yes, it does exist. It is called the Impostor Syndrome!

Success isnt always about sunshine and butterflies, sometimes it brings along self-doubt with it! Some people who suffer from Impostor Syndrome struggle to incorporate within ones self any kind of praise or accomplishment. It apparently cannot be perceived as a mental disorder but can be considered as a reaction of a person to certain situations. There are times when they feel that they lack certain skills and would also wonder if they belonged there at all in the first place. Also, they often attribute their accomplishments to luck rather than to the ability they own. A fear that others will eventually unmask them as a fraud usually persists!

If this syndrome is not addressed, one can develop anxiety, stress, low self-confidence, depression and self-doubt. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the ways to treat this condition.

Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome requires self-acceptance. You dont have to attain excellence to be worthy of the success you have achieved. It is okay not to be Albert Einstein to become a valuable talent to your organization or to those around you!

Remember that it is not necessary to attain perfection to share something with the world that would in some way enrich peoples lives!


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