Shattered but not broken.

Its an experience we all have at some point. When we here of relationships  and commitment we all freak out because we are afraid of the roller coaster.Listen  we live in the moment and its not fair for us to shut down our happiness and dreams of the person that can make us feel good an explainable resistant feeling just because we dont want to be hurt.  Yes we all turn being in the position we once had with someone else. Relationships and commitment will always  disappoint  and have all kind of challenges, but thats just it, it gives a chance to learn from someone different and it builds us. We are to remember not all relationships are the same, not every person will hurt you,  there is someone out there waiting for you to give him/her a chance to make you happy, there are people out there who have been there and knows the importance of love and appreciating its value when you have it.  The people who knows how to stay 100 down for you because they have been there and they know loyalty is the key

To be continued …

By ElleChick

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