Robby Novak aka Kid President.

The internet is simply a mad place. There are several slightly weird people like the most of us, and there are absolute jerks and some gems too. One of these said gems is Robby Novak. Robby Novak now thirteen, is more popularly recognized as Kid President. He shot to fame when a video he made with his brother in law Brad went viral, and since then has done several videos and gone on to meet and interview several people. The highlights of which include Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Beyonc and Barack Obama. He even came out with a book.

Why I love Kid President is his positive and infectious energy. The idea of Kid President was based on the thought that sometimes if kids and adults work together this world would be a better place. Kid President videos are just a few minutes of happy vibes that combined with wise wisdom and his bright and often witty quips make it a memorable watch. The messages that they project are so often very simple, but something we forget a lot.

Another thing that stands out for me is that Robby has osteogenesis imperfecta. This is a condition that leaves a person extremely vulnerable to bone damage. Robby according to one of his videos has suffered from about seventy fractures. But yet the enthusiasm with which he dances while he signs off every single one of his videos is uplifting. Kid President is a living example of how just being yourself and spreading the awesomeness that is you, can like he says give the world one more reason to dance.  

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