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What is the word anything ? 

Anything is a word, at least.. thats what they taught us in school. And here we are, many years later but i never used the word adjective in a sentence. Funny ? maybe… But, in what scenario in our precious little lives did our knowledge about World War Two help.. with the bills?  with the thieves trying to get your grandmothers purse on brooklyn? it sure did help the police officer that didnt help.. it taught him to never interfere in somebodys problems.

they also thaught us that every single big achievement is already achieved. The light, the internet, facebook, cars, planes, etc… 

the few people that tries are either, building the futur of this planet, or gave up trying. 

Me? as the wise little mouse brain said...Well do the same thing we do every night, pinky.. Try and take over the word.


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