Writing articles in LinkedIn

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Writing articles in LinkedIn is a powerful way to help you differentiate your personal brand from others. It also helps you to go beyond the noises. Here you can engage people in numerous ways. This is said to be the most relevant method to define your brand and your offer, as well as to erect peoples trust and confidence in what you do.

Strategies that you can apply while posting on LinkedIn:

Choose one or two topics that could relate you with and then write on that topic in such a way that it would generate something that people will like and share.

Normally marketing tactics, technology, digital or any professional themes and topics will engage more audience.

Tips to keep in mind while writing LinkedIn article:

i. Make sure that your post is neither too long nor too short. Its better to limit the number of words between 300-500.

ii. Make your post readable with proper subheadings and ensure to complete the sentences with good spelling and grammar.

iii. Include visual interest. Add well labelled attractive image or graphics to your post.

iv. The super-important thing is the catchy title. Before posting your article analyze your title score.

v. Add call to actions in you article.

Note: Before posting anything you must know why you are posting it and what you want to be known for.


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