The other side

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The society we live in has a certain set of norms and conditions that one must follow to earn their place as respectable members of the society. These can range from hilarious to completely absurd. More often than not these norms and condition transform into stereotypes and privileges. As a member of what is considered the weaker sex, at first it was pretty apparent that the stereotypes when it came to women were higher and the privileges that came with being a woman were seemingly few. While it is true that the discrimination we face on a daily basis is higher than that of men. We are so engrossed in our own problems and challenges it has become easy to forget that the other sex has their own set of problems as well. From something as simple being ostracized for showing emotions to not having a law that protects them from rape and domestic abuse, there are difficulties that men face as well. It feels like a competition today, among the sexes to prove to each other that we suffer much more than they do. In some obvious cases, the claim is true like that of women getting paid less or the unnecessary pressure on men to make the first move when it comes to relationships. But completely ignoring the other sides problems isnt benefitting anyone. Equality is not one of those that shall happen by belittling the other side, but maybe by working with respect and realizing that were more intertwined in each others lives than we realise. 


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