Seers past

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 The future has oft perplexed mortals since time immemorial. Imagine the glory showered upon those that could see the events to be. Those that claim to have been touched by God, blessed with such powers as to control time.

  The temple at Delphi was one of the prominent places in ancient times which gained high acclaim for its religious as well as prophetic aspects. Lore has it that Delphi was located at the very centre, or navel, of the earth. According to legends, Zeus let loose two eagles, one from the east and the other from to West. They met in flight at the region now known as Delphi. This is the famed spot where Apollo, god of sun and archery (and various other things), slew his archenemy, the beast Python.

  The temple, located on Mount Parnassus, was the hub of religion at the peak of the Grecian times. The fumes arising from Pythons decomposing body was said to give its inhalant prophetic powers. A chaste woman would be chosen to be the Oracle, she would linger in the fumes arising from the earth and then would be seized with spasms while uttering prophecies which would be made coherent by the priests. These cryptic messages have featured several times in the various myths of Greece.

 The Pythian Games would also be held at Delphi with the victors being awarded the traditional wreath of laurel leaves. These games, unlike others, also included musical competitions. The temple was later raided and heavily defaced, earthquakes that came later added to the damage. The remnants of this once magnificent structure now stand as a heritage site and a popular tourist destination.


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