5 awesome tips for women this monsoon season

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Alright, monsoon is here and you dont want to look like a wet chicken, do you?

As monsoon makes a grand entry, your wardrobe demands to be changed. Vibrant colored and rain friendly clothes take its lead over the others. Did you believe that a rainy day would mean force you to take a break from being fashionable? Well, you have absolutely been mistaken. Check out our easy tips to style up yourself this monsoon.

A comfortable pair of Denims

 Monsoons mean high humidity and of course sweat. Thus, make sure you should avoid wearing too skinny or straight fitted denims that tend to stick over you. This can be quite uncomfortable when it rains and you get totally drenched. Monsoon has only water and water puddles everywhere. Light colored jeans get really dirty and the stains are very difficult to wash off, so bid a short term goodbye to all those light colored outfits out there.

Therefore, its better to wear a loose fit dark colored denims that is perfect for the season and you wont stay out of the fashionistas out there.

2. Messy Hairdo

You may be fond of leaving your hair open but thats not a good option during monsoons. Go for messy braids or ponytails and you wouldnt regret your outlook. You can also try out buns to give your face a fresher look. Try out various accessories to add that edge to your hair and make it look even prettier. Dont forget to take good care of your hair as well. A well looked after hair will always add up your attractive look.

3. Footwear

Give your stilettos and peep toes a break and go for rain friendly footwear. However, this doesnt restrict you from being stylist though. Go for wedges or footwear with straps and jump into the puddles without a second thought. Never forget to give your feet equal and an extra importance. Let them breathe. After all it is all about happy feet, isnt it?

4. Less is more

You dont have to cover your natural beauty with make-up. As they say, less is definitely more. The less make-up you wear, the more your natural beauty gets highlighted. Light mascara, just a dab of blush and a little bit of eyeliner does the trick. Too much of it may curtail your freedom to enjoy those tiny drops of water out there. So be simple and let this monsoon be a bit more enjoyable.

5. Loose is In

On a rainy day, instead of sporting tight fitted t-shirts, you can always go for loose tops. You could team up your bright colored top with neutral shorts/skirts and look nothing less than fabulous. Roam around in your loose yet attractive outfit and always stay in place.

Follow these simple steps and stay in vogue even when the weather is too wet and humid. After all, every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

This monsoon, make sure you step out of your houses with the humble yet striking look that helps you conquer hearts. Always have a smile as smile is always the best ornament you can manifest.


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