The superstitions of Colombia

For anyone who has watched Modern Family, Gloria is an unforgettable character. From her feisty nature to her enviable confidence in her body, and pride in her country and its culture, shes easy to love. Throughout the series, she keeps referencing customs and superstitions that are the norm in Colombia. More often than not these are completely made up, but the idea fascinated me that each country has its own set of superstitions and myths. Here are a few Colombian ones.

-The presence of a dark butterfly or a moth in the house is said to be an indication that someone close to the family shall die.

-There is a belief that if a handbag or purse is placed on the floor, the money shall run away.

-To prune a tree on Good Friday is said to improve the fruits.

-Sleeping with socks on is considered to reduce the life of an individual and is also said to attract an individual.

-It is said that if unmarried couples climb the Monserrate in Bogota together, they will never be wed.

-Dreaming of a number means that you shall be lucky in gambling.

-Slipping into yellow underwear on New Years means prosperity in the coming year.

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