The Northern Skies of Iceland

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Aurora borealis is a beautiful light show caused by the collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun, which then enters the earths atmosphere and collides with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. These lights are mostly seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Also known as the Northern lights, these are one of Icelands most famous attractions. They are a common site in Iceland but are mostly seen during the winter time, mostly because it needs to be dark to witness the phenomena. At Iceland it remains bright most of the day during summers hence, winters prove to be the best time for this visit.

Since it is one of the best tourist attractions, companies like Icelandic Aurora light forecast or the Aurora Service Forecast provide an hourly forecast. This can be used by travelers to plan their visit.

Many must also be wondering as to how these lights look? Well according to the most vivid descriptions, these lights come in various colors with varying intensity, brightness and different shapes. The most common color is pale green but its varies from pink to red or blue and violet.

No doubt that this view is breathtaking but sometimes a little patience is required as well, mostly because the visibility can be low due to air pollution, hence visitors can wait for the skies to clear, to get a better view. Occasionally these lights produce an effect which makes it look like they are dancing but this is because they move across the sky like a ripple of light columns or shooting rays, other times they appear as patches, scattered clouds or arcs.

These lights can be seen from anywhere in the country, including Reykjavik and other towns but its better to view them away from the towns to avoid light pollution.

So the next time you are in Iceland, you know what to hunt for!


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