Breaking the Ice

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We are surrounded by strangers everywhere. Remember how we were taught not to talk to strangers when we were young? I think it is time to change our mindset. I mean, even my best friend was once a stranger and I knew nothing about her until I had that first conversation with her. Deep conversations build personal connections which, is necessary to make quality friends.

A conversation gives a whole new perspective to everything that we see. It can start a war; it can make peace! Malavika Varadan, an RJ by profession, says that we can think of a conversation like a metal link and every time you talk to that person, the link gets stronger and stronger! We create a new link with every conversation that we make! A conversation is like an adventure, the more we talk the more we are introduced to new things. Conversations define who we are as a person.

Every stranger comes like an opportunity, an opportunity to learn something new, to have an experience you never had. Try not to be negative in the first go. Something like, when the stranger says I like Noodles, you cannot tell I hate Noodles! It kills a conversation. Try to say that you prefer some other food instead.

Maybe you both would like the rain and you might have a Me too moment. It is then that you connect! It is always nice to learn new things instead of minding your own business. People will never forget how you made them feel so why dont you give them a unique compliment! Try to ask their opinion on something generic. Be present in the conversation by making eye contact.

It just takes a HI! Everything else just flows.


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