That Unreachable Number 10

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In the late 80s psychologists carried out a public experiment in which they handed out pen and paper to people and asked them to rate their current happiness on a scale of one to ten and also mention the reason behind it. And the results were in fact, boring. Most of them wrote 7, whatever the reason may be. At the general store buying eggs, 7. On getting a raise, 7. About to get married. Well, in this case 9 at first but it dips down to 7 after few days.

What can be concluded from this is that we are never completely satisfied with what we have got. We are always at 7 striving towards 10. And we finally reach at that 10, in merely a few days time it dives right back to 7 and we will start wanting a new 10.

Like once we get a job, we want a raise. Once we get a raise we want a better house. After getting that house we want to go to an awesome beach vacation and so on. Its never ending. Also it doesnt mean we need to stay stagnant. We need to keep learning but it should be relevant. For example, if Im good at writing and I would next want to learn DJ-ing just to expand my skill set, then its not going to help.

No point in applying bandages without any cuts.


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