3 Ways To Form An Awesome Identity For Yourself

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Without speaking a word, all of us say just enough for another person to write a book. Well, at least an essay. The drift is, there is no escape from the perceptions we make of people and vice versa, ever.

Who cares! YOLO. (You Only Live Once)?

When perceptions can form an identity, it does help to know these 3 hacks to build that awesome personal brand.

1.Keep your word:

Failing to keep a word is a dagger punch into the face of your identity, period. Also, points to incompetence and breaks the bridge of trust.

Promises are meant to be broken said the jerk, dont be one, word.

2.Learn to say No:

Saying yes all the time is as sweet as it gets. It is a little diabetic too. Downright harmful. Saying no when you should implies that you respect your time and yourself more than that need to please someone. Say no, yo.

3.Step up, always:

A limit is a gory lie. Limitations are worse. The difference? Reaching the limits make us feel strong while limitations deem us vulnerable. Drag both of them, look them in the eye, put them down and step on them.

Always better than stooping low or even standing tall, so yeah, step up, always.


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