1 Secret to sucess

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Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter in a village called Havana Pura. Every day he would go and would cut down 6 trees. He was very good at it and that helped him make more money. He used to work hard from morning till dawn.

But after 6 months, his rate of chopping trees went down drastically it reduced from 6 to 5 and decremented gradually. He was very confused as to what to do. He struggled hard and put in more efforts to regain his rate but nothing happened. This worried him as he was not able to earn the sufficient fund to support his family. So he decided to consult a doctor about his problem.

Sir, I would cut around 6 trees every day but now I am able to cut only 3-4 trees per day. I have no idea what to do, Sir. I have put the same efforts as before I dont know the reason.

I think I know the reason. There is another woodcutter named John you go and meet him once, you will get your answer.

Later he went and visited John and asked him I was cutting 6 trees per day before but now I am able to cut only 3-4. But you are still able to cut 6 per day. How is that?

What is your secret?

There is no secret in that. I take a break every hour.

You take a break every hour and how come you are able to still cut 6 trees.

Every time I take a break, I sharpen my axe every time. You are still using the same axe from the last 6 months. Your axe may be blunt.

This is one of the secrets that is to be followed to achieve success in life. We should always update our knowledge time to time, if not we will definitely fail in life. Life is an endless cycle of learning, we should never stop the process. We have better knowledge and skills than our ancestors. Similarly, our juniors are more talented and knowledgeable than us. So we should always mingle with others and learn from them.

Update yourself or you will get outdated.


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