Who should care for our fellow humans but us?

When we hear refugees the most striking correlation we make is with the people displaced in the Syrian civil war or the image of the dead body of the young Syrian boy on the beach shore that went viral on the internet.

The refugee crisis is a never ending yet very challenging one that needs global attention. There is no intricate or well established system made to solve this problem. The displacement of people from their native country to a foreign land is not just financially binding but emotionally exhausting. And a very interesting aspect of this crisis is its widespread presence-from Sudan, Istanbul to Europe the refugee crisis and migration issues is very common.

The main problem here is the ignorant behaviour and cold response of developed countries towards this alarming situation. The problems with migration are many. Infiltration is an issue that most local governments fail to address. There are various examples which prove that many young children adopt dangerous measures to get an entry into a country. Most of these examples are infiltration cases into America. With all the pompous stories that people hear about America, young children try to get into the country through illegal ways often putting lives to danger.

Talking about the refugees who seek help in foreign countries, resettlement is a major problem. The refugee camps are often unsafe and lack basic facilities so the life in the camp is very miserable. Often medical aid is not provided on time and this could cause health issues to the individuals.

The number of deaths during border crossing is significantly high and this is definitely an alarming situation. On one hand we have people fleeing persecution in Myanmar who suffered for weeks on board boats while the neighbouring countries were debating on who should be extending help on the other hand we have trafficking happening in the border. These are serious issues that need to be looked into and treated as an important matter of concern.

As we all know that the World Refugee Day is nearing, the need of the hour is to spread the word across and address this concern by standing together in solidarity with the displaced people. Its our responsibility to urge the governments of our countries to look into this matter and find homes for these deserted people. 

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