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What will be the legacy of our Generation?

When all activists efforts are on shifting sand

Norman Manley and Price made some wrong assumptions

By not supporting a Federation

Thinking they could be an island

They submitted Puerto Rico Model

Which was did not go well

What have we really done to impact anything?

A real revolution is more than a face book thing

The generation before did not have cell phones, internet or PCs

They did not have online universities

Yet they were able to communicate and trade over lands and seas

The underground rail road and other military strategies

Their cover were land and trees

They did not have any satellite

They used astrology

I ask again what will be this generations legacy.

Previous generation did not have drones

Teleconferencing, Skype or I phones

Martin Luther King had a dream

Rosa Parks sat

So that Obama could run

Since his presidency what has he done?

No wonder this plug and go generation do not believe it can be done

Previous generations

Tried integration

Ignored production

Food security was not in their consideration

They exported all their raw materials to the Whiteman

They got stuck on importation

For their peoples consumption

Never having any surplus for trade and negotiation

The key to our survival is production

Our legacy must be economic independence

Everyone needs to develop a socio democratic conscience

Become producers and self sufficient

Lets develop policy in this decade of Afro descendants

We need to mend our fence

Build Marcus Garvey Chatuyer School of Academic Excellence

Educate children and parents

We need to reclaim the land

We need to reclaim and occupy the Caribbean Sea

This is where the wealth lies for 40 plus blacks in this region to be truly free

This must be our legacy

By: Abdulmajeed K Nunez


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