How else?

How else may I serve thee?

Oh my Belize

Land of the Free by the Caribe Sea

How else may I be of service to thee

Already having served thee in various calamities

Preventing internal and external strife

I served thee for all of my adult life

For thee I have sacrificed most of my youth

For justice and truth

Oh my Belize

The UN and the IMF profess to own thee

But over my dead body

I pledge to thee eternally my loyalty

I have never deserted thee

Despite the opportunity

I have stood with thee despite bitter sorrows and poverty

Seen governments come and rape thee

Sell out our patrimony, your oil, Uranium, jade, diamonds, Copper,

Sons of your soil, traitors!

Ive educated your sons and daughters

Ive counseled your fathers and mothers

I have patrolled and maintained your boarders

Educated your teachers

Attended to your prisoners

I have taught your juvenile offenders

I have attended to your elderly shut -ins

I have participated at all levels

I have committed myself to thy struggle

By maintaining civic pride and staying out of trouble

Even as a father I have remained responsible

Ive marched and protested for thee

Wept with thee when during time of tragedy

When the Crips and the Bloods were trying to destroy our sanity and tranquility

I even joined thy military

I ask not for accolades from thee

I have served thee for just over quarter of a century

Written of thee

All I ask is for another opportunity to serve thee

For I love thee unconditionally

As I strive to educate thy citizenry

And strive to assist thy pickney

Not excluding those with disability

My desire is to affect the policy

To include them and the elderly

I pledge all my energy, sanity and levity to see thee free

From the chains of mental slavery

Each step of the way preaching and living black philosophy

The teaching of the Honorable Marcus Mossiah Garvey

I will support no P but to fight for the perpetuity of thy sovereignty

To champion the cause of every ethnicity

For we are all one family

I challenge all your citizenry

To ask themselves what they can do for their country

I want other ways can I serve thee

It is your destiny

To save humanity

Oh land of the free by the Caribe Sea?

By: Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

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