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Hard Rock University!

Rock hard university

Maestro Bennet used institutional memory

The love for music and melody

Creating a sound authentically

Youth who were not inclined academically?

His University was born out of necessity

Hard Rock saw a way to use his talent to save his community

Knowing our youth have multiple intelligence

Pedagogy should only be used as reference

Knowing our youth yarned for a holistic experience

Hard Rock University was born

Students did not require registration uniform

Some youth weh drop out of various forms

Unable to fit into societys norms

No youth was ever scorned

He single handedly brought about juvenile reform

By creating a platform

Where DJs and stars were born

Lyrical soft ware and arranging music

Sequencing and progression of music

Musical selection and Multitasking

Hard Rock mastered this music thing

He mastered informal education

Producing youth who can talk comfortably on the radio station

Creating a platform for the youths to shine

Creating a new frame of mind

Weh deh could feed theirs

Who were shun by teachers and pair

Creating a outdoor classroom

That mushroomed

Causing the youth to bloom

Hence the music Industry ballooned

He created a new avenue

Weh the youth could create their new tune

He created an industry

Using the ideology

Of the people from Germany

Hard rock bring out DJ Junie and DJ Black

Hardrock bring out Spice

Hardrock had the Blvd pan Lock

Reforming the youth off the block

Forming a distinct sound called hard Rock

By: Abdulmajeed K Nunez


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