Can it be?

That after all the time we spent together

I see a lot more you in me?

That, parts of me were stolen forever

And all I still want, is to be?

That the best of me you roused

Making my cheer your most treasured possession;

But the vital emotions that made me, you dowsed,

Breaking my gut instinct and the ability to question;

All those nights and the terrible screams,

Muffled by fluffy pillows and endless sheets;

Falling asleep with the illusion of soothing dreams,

Effacing the many tears into mere obsoletes;

 Leaving behind the ropes that tie me down;

The Paresthesia, the Perspiration and the unceasing Palpitations;

The Numbness and the Nausea aside;

  The fear slithering in; Smothering me;

Leaving me a heaving, gasping mess.

All of that down the drain.

Well, at least I can hope, cant I?

I mean,

How long can I hide behind a smile?

How long do we have either ways?

You seem to be my constant anyway.

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