I woke up with all the happiness in the world. It was my 18th birthday and I just could not wait to go out and endorse with cheer. I quickly hastened into the bathroom robe and took a shower. I just could not restraint my enthusiasm. As I finished the shower , I dispatched into my new dress. It was a jet purple shirt and faded jeans.

As I got down from my room to reach the hall, I could see a surprise which was awaiting for me. My mom had baked my favourite brownie with a beautiful message written on it , Happy birthday son with cheese cream dressing. I felt escastic to see the surprise. I pricked a piece from the huge cake and fed it to mom. Mom took a small bite and rest to my Dad.

Once again happy birthday son. So what is your plan for the day? asked dad.

Well dad my friends are waiting for me, we are planning to go to 1526 and party. I replied.

Only a brunch ? No drinks ah? asked dad.

Dad. Ya maybe. I replied.

Control your drinks. Dont get too drunk and dont drive your vehicle after drinking.

Ya sure.

Here take my card. Said dad extending his credit card.

Oh wow!! Thanks dad.

Enjoy your day.

I was overwhelmed on recieving and was excited to spend the rest of my day. I rushed to my bike and sped towards my college. As I stopped at a signal, I could see a lady distributing a pamphlet. I carefully read the pamphlet, it asked for donations from our side. It read fifty for one person. It made me curious so I called her.The readings made me curious , so I called her.

What is it about? I asked.

Sir we have an orphanage. We have a shortage of funds, your one donation can help us feed a child. She replied.

So what is this fifty?

Sir even the minimum donation of fifty can help us provide food for a day for a child.

Oh I would like to make a donation.

Before she could take her book out , the signal turned green and horns kept bashing on me.

Sir, make a donation at our place. She said and left.

As I continued my journey to college, the thought of the orphanage disturbed my mind, the hungry kids afflicted me personally. The thought of a minute fund can help feed a kid for a day kept bothering me. Every time we would go out, we would spend nearly 2-3K for a single person. Looking at this fact, something was pricking my soul. I got an idea and enroute my path to the orphanage.

Good morning sir. Said a lady at the reception.

Ya I would like to know how many kids are there in this orphanage? I asked.

There are about 250 children.

I would like to make a donation.

Oh wonderful sir, thank you. How much would you like to donate?

I would like to donate meal for all the kids here.

Wow!! Thank you sir.

I pulled out my phone and ordered food from near by restaurant. I called all my friends right here. It felt so fascinating to see all the children to munch with so much happiness. I felt I could make my birthday more wonderful by feeding the children rather than partying. I got very good sense of satisfaction.

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