Supriya Gosh was the most popular girl at her school. She was cute, fun and gelled well with everyone. It was no accident that she was chosen the Head Girl of the school. She had always made an effort to be kind, friendly and helpful with everyone around. She would give presents to everybody on their birthdays to get an extra attention. She was always surrounded by a bunch of friends that she hardly got any time to spend with individual friends. However, she never missed a chance to boast around how lucky she felt to have more friends than any of the girls she has ever known.  

But her happiness took a U-turn on the day when the tutor asked all the students of the class to call out the names of any three friends with whom they would like to work in a group with. Everyone was excited about the same. Supriya had a tough time selecting three amongst her big list of friends.

When all the names were called out by one or more students, Supriya was the only one left to be called out by any. She felt atrocious and spent hours crying her eyes out. Even after putting so much effort into making friends, she felt it hard to believe that none really considered her to be their best friend. Everyone sympathized and made an effort to console her for a while. But each one of them left after staying for a short time.

She realized that she did exactly the same with others. She had always been a good companion and acquaintance, but she had never been a true friend to anyone. She had tried not to offend anyone, she had always been a good listener but now she had understood that all those were just not enough to build true, strong friendship.

When she got back home that evening, was unable to control her tears, and Supriya asked her father what she could do to find best friends.

“Supriya,” answered her father, “you cannot buy friends with a smile or a few good deeds. A friend is someone who is available throughout the thick and thin. So, if you really want a true friend, be a true friend yourself. Be the real you and bring out the best in your friend too. You should feel comfortable with each other”.

“But I want everybody to be my friend. I want to spend time with each one of my friends!”, Supriya protested.

“My dear, youre a lovely girl,” replied her father, but you can never have a true friend unless you make yourself available for them in their good and bad times. You can have many acquaintances but they all wont be your close friend.

That night Supriya thought about all that her father said and realized that her father has always been by her side. He loved her and he could always understand her without even uttering a word. She never considered him as her best friend and thus she finally understood that a few friendships are perhaps a bit recherch for us to comprehend.

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