Just do it !

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Productivity is often self-taught. Before you jump the gun let me explain my point. Someone can tell you or maybe even teach you, the steps you need to take to be productive or reach a certain goal, or learn from your mistakes. It is eventually you who has to take that advice or training or take a lesson from people whom you see as productive and TAKE ACTION! Make the decision of changing your life for the better, plan how to take the necessary steps, and actually execute the plan. This last part is the most essential as any one can tell or show you how a certain work can be done, or a goal can be achieved, if youre not willing to actually physically get up and do something about it, it will never be done FOR you.  So what ever youre thinking, planning or procrastinating,  get up now and DO IT! This is your time to do it. You have thought enough, you have planned enough, now its time to experience it. To be able to feel it in the flesh.


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