Aadi still remembers the golden times when school meant a happy ride of cycle with friends to and fro. As she sits at her desk taking a break from the annoying clients, a train of memories rushes through her mind. She can never forget the days when her mom used to shout, Aadi, dont wet yourself if it rains in the evening. Do find a shelter on the way back home. She laughs so hard just by the thought of her moms glares and non-stop scolds that received her when she returned home all drenched in rain and mud. Enjoying rain was one of the most beautiful parts of her childhood. 30 years down the line, she still wanted to play around like a baby when it rained. But little did she know, her smartphone was more powerful than her mom that it refrained her from getting wet. Thus she had to satisfy herself with an update in social media.

When technology took its lead, happiness took another turn. Dont let technology defeat your happiness and rule over you. Enjoy all the little happiness in life and those will be worth it.

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