Super Food for the Body

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Anyone that loves oysters knows that after they eat them they do have some very good health benefits but a lot of people do not actually know what they are. Believe it or not Oysters are considered to be a super food and by the time you are done reading this blog you will see why they are called one of the best super foods.
Strengthens the Immune System
No matter how you eat them whether they are on the half shell or they are in a stew oysters are jam packed with the vitamin zinc. Zinc in the vitamin that helps prevents colds. So, one thing that a lot of people do in the event that they come in contact with someone that is sick and they are not, they will eat a few before meeting up with that person to help prevent them from getting sick.
Help Improve Energy
You will find that after having a plate of oysters or your favorite oyster dish you are going to have a burst of energy. That is because it is proven fact that oysters will help improve your energy and the ability to focus on things better.
Heart Healthy Food
Oysters believe it or not are one of the best heart healthy foods there are. They help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Why? You may ask. Oysters are full of Potassium and Magnesium and Omega 3 fatty acids which help in preventing against heart attacks and strokes.
Increase Tissue Repair
You will find that if you have oysters 2 to 3 times a week that your tissue repair if you get a cut on your skin is faster to heal, than if you were to not eat them. There is a vitamin in oysters that when our body gets it, it literally will help us heal faster than we would if we did not get the vitamin from the oyster.
Increase Bone strength to reduce osteoporosis
So many of us have heard that we have the starting of osteoporosis because as we were younger we did not get enough milk growing up. However; did you know that eating oysters 2 to 3 times a week can help your bone strength and reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis. That is huge for a lot of people So now knowing what oysters can really for you and your health are you going to appreciate the oyster as a super food a little more?


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