chasing the dragon

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chasing the dragon

the night holds a secret its loathe to tell
a dark hidden secret a highway right to hell
and if you chose to go, theres no comin back
a place full of pushers and junkies on crack

i know it exists because i have been there
i have witnessed that dark life of despair
the fear of overdosing or taking bad gear
the thought of coming down was always my fear

chasing the dragon was second nature to me
waking up in alleys covered in vomit and pee
never knowing if i would wake up or not
not caring about anything but my next shot

i lost everything that mattered to me
my wife my life i just couldnt see
the only thing that matters was getting high
chasing the dragon in that dark dark sky

now i have nothing left and nowhere to go
i lurk in the shadows smoking low grade blow
i look for punters so i can sell them junk
to feed my habit for the real strong skunk

dont feel sorry for me i did this to myself
i give up a life of happiness and wealth
now i am paying for all the times i got high
chasing the dragon in that dark dark sky

william t fearby 14/04/2015


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