Why do people say My dog is such a baby?

Dog, a mans best friend. Baby, a gift from God.
What could you possibly use as the basis of comparison?
There is no doubt that dogs have been the most trusted creatures of all times; for guarding the houses, for sharing an unbreakable bond, for showering their love and by being faithful. In fact, dogs are considered to be better than humans to some extent, but making such a statement would be a little rude. So heres a list of things that emphasizes on the fact that dogs are very similar to babies. (Babies are human too; believing this might be a little difficult when they are being notorious.)

What do the babies and dogs have in common?

1. They both seek love and attention.
2. They need potty training; till then be prepared to find poop in the places you havent ever imagined.
3. They cannot really understand what you are saying but feel it.
4. They both love to play and so, you got to take them to the park.
5. They get excited seeing their own reflection.
6. They are unpredictable and have the potential of making the whole room messy.
7. They both need a child-safety-lock on everything.
8. Wake you at the middle of the night at times.
9. Eat anything off the floor but refuse when you try to feed them something healthy
(There are times when they beg for food though)
10. The look that they give wont let you stay mad at them.

Doesnt that show that babies and dogs are so much similar? They both share a bond that cant be broken. Im sure you have never heard of a pet harming a child; though the child could be irritating and troublesome for the pet.

This shows that dogs are in a way better than babies but lets just conclude saying dogs ARE babies of a different kind. And that is exactly why there cant be any comparison between the two.

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