Human Complexity

The smell of the first rain, the heat from the stove, the glare of sunlight post noon, the drilling from the construction site, the prick of the tiny hair against another human body 3 days post shave are things that amuse me. Some seem refreshing and positive the others remind you that you are just another living being in this world. The best part is they don’t discriminate. The colour of your skin, the economic status and the societal status are not relevant when it comes to experiencing them. The sun shines equally, the sounds reach the ears equally, and the sensations are all felt alike by all of us. When the nature can be so kind to us then why are we restricting privileges? Some believe that a society can function only with a hierarchy, and it’s natural for those who are at higher levels to enjoy greater privileges. This exclusive treatment creates an unmarked division not just externally but internally as well. Although we all agree to Darwinian Theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ we also agree to the understanding that we need each other in order to coexist. What remains as a mystery is the human tendency to trample on each other in order to climb the steps of success. We are filled with compassion for a street dog but not for an unconscious man lying on the street. Why do we fail to show consideration to other humans while it traumatises us when our pet animals bear physical pain? Maybe we are not very cruel in nature. Cruelty might not be an innate human trait rather an induced one.

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