marry me hehe


Bullets in a wedding cake. How did they get there? Gothic wedding gone wrong, big time.
Bride and groom both dead, full of nine milli bullet holes.
Like their precious cake.
There was a big row over an affair.
You must understand, they were only just married and hadn’t consecrated their marriage yet.
So were they really married?
Was it official?
And can an affair be classed as an affair, if they hadn’t yet made love?
Also the affairs weren’t real, they were theoretical arguments on what either would do if the other cheated by an affair. He joked that her sporty sister was fit and he wanted to see her on the side. His wife retaliated by jesting how nice his squaddie cousin was and was he an equal lover?
What happened next was a bit of a blur, a gun was produced and shots fired.
Four bullets wrecked the wedding cake and one killed the new pagan bride. But who shot the gothic groom? Witnesses swore he had the gun and never turned it on himself.
His wife was cold dead on the floor, half her pretty face missing.
No matter who shot her man, the result was a tragedy.
There would be no honeymoon for this dead couple.
No going to heavy metal gigs, no trips to art galleries, no themed vampire nights in the local church and no long precious years together.
All because of a silly row over affairs that hadn’t yet happened and now never would.

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