Airplanes are better than girls!
A plane always keeps her looks and is always pretty.
A new Spitfire looks as good as a seventy year old Spit.
A woman aged seventy is all wrinkly!
If you look after a plane, shell look after you. Do your take off checks and youll fly back safely.
How many girls fail you after you treat them fine? A pilot can feel more love for an airplane than a woman, due to the joy of flight being better than sex.
How, you ask? Ask a stunt pilot what his first love is. A fighter pilot will reply the same. Flying, his plane and his job take precedent over their women. Yet some pilots name their planes after their sweethearts.
This means the plane is more important than a mere woman. She doesnt have a tattoo of her boyfriends war plane, does she? Its her image and name upon the sacred flying machine. You cant make love to a plane but you fly her, up in the sky. Natures canvas, always changing, where God lives. That is better than sex. Would He say airplanes are better than women?

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