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What is hiding inside your cupboard?
Out sight and mind, forgotten about. Could there be a stolen stash of cash from a bank job that was never recovered?

Or an antique Webley pistol from World War One? Worth three grand.

Maybe a small enchanted gold necklace lurks there which belonged to a real witch. Does she miss it?

An old piece of paper with a faded love poem wrote in purple ink, dated 1932 and signed anonymous. Did the sweetheart ever read it?

Forsaken possessions in cupboards up and down the country, all but junk to those who dont care.
Some treasure to passionate collectors; what chances they find some isolated heirloom?

A painting sits in a cupboard, unwanted and neglected. Who would want to stare rapt with beauty if this art work was in a gallery?

Shut away your graciously accepted but unwanted Christmas gifts till you pass away. Your children will find them and vaguely remember buying them, years before.

What lives at the back of your cupboard? Go take a look.


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