Why I hate spring!

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Spring. There is spring that is the season. Who does not love spring? It is a bright and sunny and happy time. I love spring! But then there is the other spring – the kind that they put in your mattress! Now why, why would anyone do that?! This is the spring I hate! Who in their right mind would put spring in something that we sleep on? I think the inventor of the famous spring mattress is a closet sadist who likes to torture people! And people pay for this torture! Win-win for Mr. Inventor!
I recently spent a very restless night, tossing and turning and suffering the torture that is a spring mattress and I could fathom no way to see how it helped me or my poor aching body. Try breastfeeding a baby on a spring mattress! Not the happy time you think it may be! Waking up with aching limbs and joints (and cursing the maker of the mattress in all variety of profanity!) is not my idea of a good morning. So wonderful was the experience that I was jumping at any opportunity to sleep on the floor the next night!
Bouncy beds do not make for peaceful sleep. They simply do not. Spring mattresses do not contour themselves to the shape of your body or whatever other lies they are selling these days. Maybe fun to bounce on it during the day, if thats the kind of thing that makes you happy. Not to forget the aching knees afterward! But for sleep? Peaceful, rested sleep? Nope! I wont endure another night battling the springs!
Floor, here I come!


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