Simhasana ( Lion pose )

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How to do?

-To begin, kneel down on the floor. Cross the front of the right ankle over the back of the left ankle. The feet must be pointed on both the sides. Press your body down on top of the heels.

-Place your palms on your knees. Spread out your fingers completely. Press them firmly against each knee.

– As you inhale through your nose,open your mouth and stretch out your tongue. Curl its tip toward the chin. Open your eyes wide and contract your throat muscles.

-Exhale through your mouth and as you exhale, produce a distinct ‘ha’ sound. You could gaze between the eyebrows or look at the tip of your nose.

-Roar a few times. Change the cross of your leg and repeat this asana.

Why to do?

– It reduces the effect of stress and tension on chest and face.
– It keeps the throat muscles firm.
– It helps ward off respiratory tract infections.
– It helps in getting rid of bad breath.
– It helps in curing stuttering, teeth grinding, clenched jaws, back pain and neck pain.
– It delays signs and symptoms of aging.
– It brings relief in case of burning eyes.
– It improves the tone and texture of your voice

When not to?

– This pose has no contraindications in particular.
– If you have a knee injury, you could practice the asana while sitting on a chair


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