x wing

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Wish I had an X-Wing so I can go and do some killing.
Id start by shooting up Neo Soviet bases on both sides of the Ukrainian border.
Hit them so fucking hard.
Theyd need Darth Vader to stop me.
Then Id go and hurt the in Syria.
Sink their ships off the coast, destroy their S400 missiles, kaput their airbases and slaughter their troops.
Not to mention splashing their jets, Turkish style.
Then Id zoom off to the South China Sea for some turtle killing.
Shoot up three ten thousand foot runways and kill any grounded jets.
Fry their communication and radar sites, sink a few ships.
Finally Id cruise over America and invite their F-22 and F-35 jets to dance.
Id shoot them all down and anyone else who dared to challenge me.
Then Id take my place as King of the World.
Step forward all who want to stop me.
My X-Wing is ready and waiting.


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