Indias Answer To Global Basketball – Vishesh Bhriguvanshi

Basketball is a wonderful sport to play and to watch. There is an event in every moment, -the more charismatic the players are, better the spectacle. Ask any Indian baller about the best Indian player and dont be surprised if all of them say only one name -Vishesh Bhriguvanshi

All of us are amazed when an young athlete makes it to the top and be get fascinated enough. In such light, Visheshs legend is something every Indian can swell with pride. He made it into the Indian team at a tender age of 17 and it seems only the age was tender. Everything else is colossal.

He bagged the Most Valuable Player award in his very first tournament and a few more talismanic performances later was made the captain of the national team, at the age of 18. Yes, 18. At that age most boys in India will be ecstatic should they find themselves in an University team. Definitely, this man was destined for greatness.

Indian team is now in much better place and due credit should go to players like Vishesh, Trideep and Amjyot who have contributed in making our country one of the more competent teams in Asian Basketball. China and Phillipines which were once a dominant force are not the same teams with an unbeatable aura anymore.

The recently concluded United Basketball Alliance (UBA) league is a classic case in point. Turning up for the Bangalore Beasts, the Indian captain dominated the league like it was eating snacks on a lazy Sunday. It is to be noted that elite players from across the world played this league. Vishesh bagged a mammoth 5 consecutive MVP awards as his team came runners up.

Somebody who doesnt follow the game might vision him like a hurricane with a shallow swagger, but like all connoisseur of their craft this mans presence will only add a spark of magic, wonder and belief into a common man, he is humble and special like that!

Bowing to your class Vishesh sir.

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