Raftel – The last island in the Grand line

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What will happen in raftel?
What is one piece?
In my last write up, I spoke about the will of D and the elite kingdom. AS promised, I am going to talk about Raftel in this one. Raftel is the mysterious island which marks the end of the grand line. It supposedly holds the ‘one piece’. As we all know, Gol D Roger was the only one who successfully managed to reach Raftel. WE know that in order to reach Raftel, one should have access to the 4 Road Poneglyphs, which point to 4 islands around Raftel and from the location of these islands; one could predict the location of the mysterious island. One road Poneglyph was found in Zou.

Two more are in the procession of the Yonko Kaido and Charlotte Linlin. The fourth one is in an unknown location. What could Raftel possibly hold? I think by now, most of you have come to the conclusion that one piece is not money or gold. I think one piece is something more. It has something to do with the void century. My theory is that one Raftel, one can find the complete details of the void century, along with the direct descendants of the elite kingdom and their technology.
After Dressrosa arc, when the straw hat fleet was formed, the narrator said that they would get together once again to help Luffy do something big. I think Luffy reaches Raftel, finds the information and decides to get the information regarding the void century and a few descendants of the elite kingdom to Mariejois. This journey would obviously have a lot of perils as the world government would be hell bent on stopping Luffy and that is where his fleet comes in. They help Luffy in his quest and I think there would be an epic battle which starts from somewhere near Raftel and ends in Mariejois. What do you think about this theory?

Do let me know in the comments and wait for my next write up. It will be regarding Zoro’s cursed eye.


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