The perfect dish for ‘Pushing the week’

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Sukuma Wiki, a dish from Kenya, means ‘push the week’ and came when people could not afford to buy meat every day. They would eat vegetables, to ‘push the week’ towards Sunday. That day was the only day of the week that they would eat meat. It is usually prepared with ground meat, tomatoes and onions. This dish is easy to make, both in terms of time/preparation and ingredients. To eat Sukuma Wiki you do not need any silverware. Use chapatti to pick up the Sukuma Wiki to and then put it in your mouth.

Sukuma wiki is very nutritious and have powerful antioxidant properties and is anti-inflammatory. It is are very high in vitamin K, vitamin C, and reasonably rich in calcium. They contain folic acid (folate, folacin), a B-complex vitamin known for its importance in pregnancy and prevention of pregnancy defects.

It would make a perfect finish for the weekend after some tough weekdays. A perfect dinner time with the family.


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