A true example for Swachh Bharat

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Imagine a place that is so clean that it has been termed as the cleanest village in Asia. Another amazing fact about this place is that the head of the family is the mother, not the father. Unlike most places, the youngest daughter inherits all the wealth of the family along with the mother’s surname. Now, would you believe me if I told you that this village is in India? The village I am talking about is Mawlynnong.
Mawlynnong is a tiny village nestled in the woods near Shillong. The villagers have taken it upon themselves to keep their place spic and span. They are doing an amazing job so far and even the world has recognized their efforts. We should learn a lot from them and strive hard to keep our surroundings clean. This place is a must visit not just because of its cleanliness but also because of the scenery and the amazing hospitality offered by the locals. Do share your experience with this village if you have one. If not, then hurry!


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