A matter of honor

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We Rottweilers are known for our loyalty. We spend our entire lives in accordance to the code. I still remember when my master had taken me to his house for the first time. It is up-to you to look after this house, he had said. And look after it, I did. But even the best can falter sometimes. I tried my best but even the most balanced might lapse into a moment of insanity.
I remember when I had chased behind the ball and had accidentally broken my leg. My master had never left my side during that time. He took care of me like a father would take care of his son. And mind you, I tried to be the best son possible. I always wanted to see him happy. But then, the new neighbors moved in. they had two Pomeranians. I personally don’t have a grudge against other dogs. We Rottweilers are known to be firm. Normally, I wouldn’t have given a second thought but they had the audacity to bark at me! It was a matter of ego. Normally, I would have controlled myself but the thought that I was being upstaged by two puny dogs shook me and I was engulfed with anger and hatred. I jumped over the fence and lunged at them slashing at anything I touch. By the time the madness had subdued, it was too late. My master was very angry.
Today, he had a tear in his eye when he came to give me my food. I know he is going to put me to sleep. I know he mixed something in my food. I will miss my master but it’s my duty to eat as per his wish. After all, We Rottweilers are known for our loyalty.


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