The human Music Machine

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Nandish is your normal fun-loving upbeat guy. What sets him apart is what he does with his mouth. No! not that. He is a beatboxer with an acute talent.

A graduate from Jain college to whom the beats comes naturally. Seemingly, he defies the law of sounds to produce few of the best sounds I have ever heard to date. This Bangalore-based boy is also famous for his Babys cry beat and the heart beat. Two beats that nobody can do better than him.

When asked about why he chose to beatbox he explains “Beatboxing came to me naturally and I just practiced to be perfect. When I learned to beatbox I just felt I dont need an extra space to carry my instrument!”.

When I asked him “what next?”, his reply was somehow very satisfying “Next! I just want to get bigger and better as a performing artist and also I am collaborating with good musicians and also I take beatboxing workshops, I teach from the scratch and I believe the art of beatboxing is in everyone you just have to explore it”

To learn beatboxing kindly follow the link https://www.chalkstreet.com/beatboxing-for-beginners/

Check out his Talent, and share your views. This is my tribute to the rising star.


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